About NOGS

REFERRALS are needed for initial appointments and we request that they are provided at the time of booking, prior to patient review. This allows our doctors to ensure no extra tests or earlier review is needed. Referrals can be forwarded to the rooms via email or fax.

REGISTRATION  - We request that you fill in your registration details online prior to your appointment to allow better processing.

24 hour care is offered by our group, through the rooms and their out of hours paging service.

Obstetric patients book with their obstetrician. The group has a roster system for weekends and holidays, where deliveries and emergencies are managed by the doctor on-call. They plan their holiday leave so you are aware of these dates prior to booking your antenatal care. An antenatal appointment can be made with the other obstetricians to meet prior to delivery, should you wish to do so.