Having your Baby with Us

We are really happy you are looking at having your baby with us.

Contact us as soon as possible to book in with us. Our friendly staff will help guide you and answer any questions you may have about the booking process.

Below is a calculator to help you estimate your due date.

During the course of your pregnancy, various tests and procedures may be required. These will be discussed with the doctors during your visits. Should you have non-urgent questions in the course of your pregnancy, please feel free to write them down to ask at your next visit. A range of information sheets are available and will be provided with your booking appointment.


Below are calculators for you to use and get an indication of dates and information on the course of your pregnancy. Please keep in mind that the dates are only an indication as everyone is different. The information provided is also of a general nature and not comprehensive and specific to you.

My Due Date

Put in the date of the last day of your last menstrual cycle then press the calculate button.